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Snowplow: clearing mountain rails 
Year: 1966 
Call No: CMOW BES 
South Pacific Coast: an illustrated history of the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast Railroad 
Year: 1968 
Call No: SPC MAC 
Steamcars to the Comstock: the Virginia & Truckee Railroad and the Carson & Colorado Railroad 
Edition: 3rd 
Year: 1970 
ISBN: 0831070048 
ISBN 13: 9780831070045 
Call No: NV BEE 
The age of steam: a classic album of American railroading 
Edition: Second edition 
Year: 1972 
ISBN: 0831070951 
ISBN 13: 9780831070953 
Call No: USA BEE 
The Central Pacific & the Southern Pacific Railroads 
Year: 1963 
Call No: USA BEE 
The crookedest railroad in the world; a history of the Mt. Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railroad of California 
Year: 1960 
Call No: MTMW WUR 
The history of the Lehigh Valley Railroad: "The route of the Black Diamond" 
Year: 1977 
ISBN: 0831071133 
ISBN 13: 9780831071134 
Call No: LV ARC 
The History of the St. Louis Car Company, "quality shops" 
Year: 1978 
ISBN: 0831071141 
ISBN 13: 9780831071141 
Call No: ELEC YOU 
The last of steam: a billowing pictorial pageant of the waning years of steam railroading in the United States 
Year: 1960 
Call No: USA COL 
The Ma & Pa: a history of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad 
Year: 1963 
Call No: MPA HIL