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Trains album of railroad photographs: book 9, New York Central 
Year: 1944 
Call No: NYC TRA 
Trains album of railroad photographs: book 14, Erie Railroad 
Year: 1946 
Call No: ERIE TRA 
Railroad panorama 
Year: 1944 
Call No: USA KAL 
Introduction to scale model railroading 
Edition: Revised 
Year: 1981 
Call No: MDRR WES 
Passenger terminals and trains 
Edition: 4th 
Year: 1975 
ISBN: 0890240159 
ISBN 13: 9780890240151 
Call No: USA DRO 
Handbook for model railroaders 
Edition: Fifth printing 
Year: 1949 
Call No: MDRR WAL 
Greenberg's model railroading with Lionel trains: volume 2: an advanced layout 
Year: 1992 
ISBN: 0897781864 
ISBN 13: 9780897781862 
Call No: MRLI KOU 
Trains album of railroad photographs: book 10, modern steam locomotives 
Year: 1945 
Call No: LSTE TRA 
Railroads of America 
Year: 1949 
Call No: USA RAI 
Apex of the Atlantics 
Year: 1963 
Call No: PRR WES