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100 years of railroad cars ... 
Year: 1958 
Call No: CAR LUC 
A picture history of B&O motive power 
Year: 1952 
Call No: BO SAG 
Bridge and tunnel handbook for model railroaders 
Year: 1958 
Call No: MODE MAL 
Fundamentals of the locomotive machine shop 
Year: 1926 
Call No: ENG AHA 
Iron road to empire: the history of 100 years of the progress and achievements of the Rock Island Lines 
Year: 1953 
Call No: RI HAY 
Locomotives and cars since 1900 
Year: 1959 
Call No: ROLL LUC 
Mail by rail: the story of the postal transportation system 
Year: 1951 
Call No: USA LON 
Pocket guide to American locomotives 
Year: 1953 
Call No: LOCO LUC 
Rights of trains 
Edition: Fourth 
Year: 1951 
Call No: RULE FOR 
The railroads and public welfare: their problems and policies 
Year: 1944 
Call No: USA JOH